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Creative Writing Workshop – Sharna Fabiano

June 25 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Enhance Your Creative Writing – Workshop led by Sharna Fabiano

If you have ever wanted to improve your creative writing abilities and exercise those creative muscles, we have just the thing for you!  On this Tuesday, June 25, there will be a creative writing workshop up in the Wolf’s Den on the second floor. This workshop will be led by Sharna Fabiano.

At $35 you can be a part of the workshop and get one drink!

More about Sharna Fabiano

Many people know Sharna Fabiano as a local creative artist. However, that title alone wouldn’t do her justice. Sharna Fabiano is known as an author of the book ‘Lead and Follow‘, a life coach for both individuals as well as groups, a podcast creator, a writer of her own blog, a tango instructor, and a website designer.

Lead and Follow: The Dance of Inspired Teamwork

Book Cover of 'Lead and Follow' by Creative writer Sharna Fabiano.
Book Cover

This book is written for leaders or aspirational leaders. For those who felt like their previous leadership workshops were lacking in substance. This book has a different approach to leadership. The emphasis goes far beyond a crash course of leadership skills. This book dives into the idea of nine pairs of skills. Complimentary skills that relate to the leader and the follower as well as how to recognize what role you need to stand in. It points a spotlight to the role of the follower whose importance has been overlooked. Her book can be purchased on bookshop.org, Barns & Nobles, as well as Amazon.


Life Coaching

For those who may seek more than just the book, Sharna Fabiano also offers individual coaching. One of the programs are ‘Lead and Follow’ coaching which dives into the aspects described in her book. Aspects including improved communication, cackling stressors head-on, a complimentary edition of her book, and more. Another program she offers is a custom program. this one is more targeted towards the clients’ individual needs. This may be either personal, professional or a combination of challenges relating from them.

Sharna also offers a group coaching targeted towards collaboration. This group style aims to upskill a groups collaboration by emphasizing the followership skills just as much as leadership skills. The reasoning for this is, how well can a leader perform with no followers. Sharna believes that the leader is only as capable as their followers.

Lead and Follow Podcast

Another noteworthy work of Sharna Fabiano is her podcast. Each episode delves into a specific aspect of upskilling your professional presence. Talking about specific perspectives, behaviors or habits that you can develop in order to improve how you feel and perform professionally. Check out her third season’s trailer.

Lead and Follow Blog

Sharna Fabiano also has an extensive archive of writings on various topics. There is at least one blog for everyone. They range from leadership essentials all the way to finding your balance. If you are looking for a way to grow on a personal level, develop a stronger sense of inner focus, develop your emotional intelligence or grow healthy relationships, right here is the best place to start.

Tango Instructor

Sharna Fabiano instructing a class on tango technique.
Sharna Fabiano instructing a class on tango with her interpretation.

She can seemingly do it all. Sharna Fabiano more than just writing and communicating skills as she also is an internationally recognized tango performer. With 20 years of experience as a tango instructor, she teaches the transformative effect of social dancing. She offers local private lessons as well as guest workshops for dance groups.

Website Design

If its creative, it’s in her domain. Sharna Fabiano had developed the skill of website design through her experience in designing newsletters and handbooks. She learned how to apply that skill to the digital realm in an internship.  Her page offers a four-step process in how to design a website in a way to best meet your needs as well as the audiences. Furthermore, she offers her own hourly services as well as a display of past works that she’s done.


June 25
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
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