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Akane Tada: A Night of Music and Connection at The Wicked Wolf

Looking for an unforgettable evening of soulful music and heartfelt performances? Join Akane Tada every third Thursday at The Wicked Wolf, starting at 7:00 pm. This event promises a captivating blend of Latin music, jazz, and pop, all delivered with genuine passion and authenticity. Occasionally, Akane’s talented friends from the music community will join her on stage, adding even more variety and excitement.

Read on for more details about this must-see event.

Meet Akane Tada

Akane Tada is not just a performer; she is the heart and soul of the event. A North Long Beach resident, Akane has been a musician for almost 20 years. While her primary instrument is the piano, she also delights audiences with her vocal talents. Akane started playing the piano at just five years old and began singing about seven years ago. She has a deep connection to her music and loves to share it with her audience.

Check her out on YouTube to see more.

Picture of Akane Tada playing her piano.

The Dynamic Duo

Akane is often joined by Chris Halal-ono, the versatile drummer who plays either the Cajon or his Hell Boy decorated drum set depending on the night. Together, they create a rich and diverse atmosphere that keeps the audience enchanted throughout the night. Their synergy on stage is palpable, making every performance unique and memorable.

A Music Journey

At The Wicked Wolf, Akane and Chris perform a variety of genres, including Latin music, jazz, and pop. They even throw in some of their original compositions. Some of the songs you can expect to hear include:

– “Quizas Quizas”

– “Capullito de Aleli”

– “Piel Canela”

– “LOVE”

– “Girl from Ipanema”

– “La Vie en Rose”

– “Close to You”

– “Lovefool”

Akane’s original songs are a testament to her authentic and relatable style. She writes about her actual feelings, creating a deep connection with her listeners.

The Performance Experience

Performances at The Wicked Wolf typically consist of two 45-minute sets, providing plenty of time for the audience to immerse themselves in the music. In between songs, she is known to interact with the audience and give insight to her music. Akane’s motivation comes from her love for playing and singing the music she enjoys, and from the opportunity to connect with her audience.

You may have recognized some of the Spanish songs she performs. Thats because her love for music goes beyond the limitations of language. As she learns more Spanish, she adds another song to her arsenal. Her passion truly is evident in every note she plays and every word she sings.

Local and Authentic

As a North Long Beach resident, Akane has a deep connection to the local community. She has called Long Beach home since 2009. This local connection adds a layer of authenticity to her performances, making them even more special for those who share her community.

A Drink for Everyone

Even if you’re not a fan of alcohol, The Wicked Wolf has something for you. Akane herself is a fan of our mocktails, which she praises for their variety and taste. So, whether you’re sipping on a mocktail or enjoying your favorite drink, the atmosphere is always right for you.

Looking Forward

Akane is excited to meet new faces and share her music with The Wicked Wolf. After becoming a mother five years ago and experiencing the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, her perspective on life and music has evolved. She now focuses on staying local, connecting with people more, and creating original music.

Join The Experience

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience Akane Tada live at The Wicked Wolf. It’s more than just a night of music; it’s an opportunity to connect, unwind, and enjoy the talents of a truly passionate and authentic musician. Whether you’re a fan of Latin music, jazz, pop, or original compositions, Akane and Chris have something special for you.


So mark your calendar, grab your friends, and head to The Wicked Wolf for a night you won’t forget. Akane Tada is ready to share her music, her story, and her heart with you.

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