Wide shot of Muse on Fire with Philosophy on stage.

What is Muse On Fire?

Muse On Fire is monthly event where anyone and everyone is welcome to come and show off their talent. The talent in question could be literally anything. From playing a musical instrument, singing, beatboxing, dancing or even doing a cartwheel. If there’s a talent, we want to see it. This open mic event is designed to be a safe space for people to express themselves however they see fit. Our amazing host, Philosophy, makes sure of that. For those who would like to perform or participate, be sure to let him know. This event takes place every last Tuesday of the month. It starts at 7:00pm and ends when everyone has had their turn. If you consider yourself a creative type of person, you do not want to miss out on this. If you are curious to know more, see the description below.

What’s Muse On Fire Like? 

Here at Muse On Fire, every seat is full the entire duration of the event. When you enter The Wicked Wolf, you are met with an excited crowd of people. Many of which are there to share their own creativity and others there to be witness. If you show up before the event starts, a well-dressed charismatic man will greet you with a warm welcome. His name is Philosophy. He is the host of the event and is the root to the amazing community developed here. He goes out his way to interact with the audience so that everyone who wants to share has their chance.

There are many reasons why people want to join. The host, Philosophy, by himself is enough reason. To say he’s well dressed and charismatic would be an understatement. He is quite talented and carries an aura that lights up a room. He’s there to encourage every person who’s interested in sharing their art.

At the beginning he reminds the crowd to come and share whatever skill or art that they want and to do so without fear. He’s been quoted saying “I want you to be the best you that you are today”. This is a type of man who leads by example. He starts off with an amazing display of his honed craft as he recites a poem of his own. At this point you will probably be surprised that this event is free. From that point on he goes through his list of talented participants. He decides who goes next by his own order. You will only know who’s going next by his warming introduction to them.

Portrait of the artist Philosophy smiling

If you haven’t been to The Wicked Wolf on the last Tuesday of the month then you might not know why people are so willing to make the drive out from all the way in LA. One of the things that might surprise you is how amazingly talented the person sitting next to you is. Sitting next to you might be the local talent on the guitar. Or maybe you grabbed a drink right next to the local comedian Amba Walker. What’s almost guaranteed is that you will get to be among the first ones to hear multiple published authors and their new works. Some of the most beautiful poems will be read out loud for the first time ever.

Someone in the crowd has a poem, song or story that will reach to you. There are so many people from every background creating highly imaginative glimpses into their mind. You will see commonality amongst so much diversity. These storytellers have a way of taking you on a journey into their experience.

In the span of two hours, you will be placed on a speedrun of every emotion plus a new one you didn’t even know about prior. Nothing will make you feel more connected with the stranger next you than finding this shared passion for the arts in its pure form. Words alone cannot do it justice. You just have to be there to know what it’s all about. It really is a must have experience.

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